Jack Gumtow

Jack Gumtow

Chief Information Officer

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Mr. Jack Gumtow was appointed as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in June 2018. As the CIO, he is responsible for the management of a global Information Technology (JT) organization with over 3,000 employees providing mission enabling services and capabilities to a global IC and Defense customer base in excess of 250,000. Mr. Gumtow provides guidance to the Director and Deputy Director DIA on a variety of mission areas that he has direct cognizance over and he represents DIA at the IC CIO Council, the FVEY CIO Forum and a variety ofDoD and IC fora.

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Gumtow served as DIA' s Deputy CIO where he assisted the CIO in overseeing DIA's global IT data and systems infrast ructure, IT services, communications/networks, enterprise management, and cyber security operations. Mr. Gumtow's initial assignment upon reporting to DIA in 2012 was the Chief of Cyber Operations.

Mr. Gumtow began his civilian career as a Computer Security Officer at the Office of Naval [ntelligence (ONI) in 1991. He held numerous positions at ONI to include the Director of Security and Corporate Operations. In 2005, Mr. Gumtow was selected as a Defense Intelligence Senior Level as the CIO and Chief Knowledge Officer for ONI. He was the senior advisor and advocate for the management of information as a resource, promoting an organizational culture that facilitated information sharing, and enabling mission capabilities while fostering an environment of fiscal efficiency. Mr. Gumtow was responsible for positioning IT as a business and mission enabler to increase the Navy's ability to deliver innovative IT capabilities.

In 2011, Mr. Gumtow was selected as the Naval Intelligence CIO and Chief Technical Officer reporting to the Navy N2/N6. He was responsible for initiating the direction to move Naval Intelligence from a network centric IT model to data centric model. He developed the Navy's cloud vision and architecture, which was the basis for the Navy's adoption and migration to a cloud-computing environment.

Mr. Gumtow holds a Bachelor's of Science in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland and a Master's of Science in Technology Management from the University of Maryland University College. Mr. Gumtow is the recipient of two Navy Superior Civilian Service Medals (2001 and 201 I) and two Meritorious Presidential Rank Awards (2012 and 2018).

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