Terence Thompson

Dr. Terence Thompson

Chief Science Officer

The Climate Service

Dr. Terence Thompson is leading the development of the TCS software platform building on his experience integrating science, big data, statistics, and software development. Thompson has led advanced climate analysis in industry for over 20 years. He joined The Climate Service from the consultancy LMI where, as a Senior Fellow, he led the climate program. His work there focused on the application of climate data to climate-change adaptation for both government and private sectors. At LMI, he pioneered techniques to address large-scale climate-data access and computing, create value-added products and services, and link to quantitative decision-making processes.
Earlier in his career, Dr. Thompson spent 12 years applying artificial intelligence techniques to defense-related problems, including underwater and space surveillance. At Gould Electronics, he established and led the Intelligent Systems Laboratory.
Thompson is former Vice President of Energy and Environment at Metron Aviation (a subsidiary of Airbus), where he led analysis of the environmental impacts of air transport, including climate, air quality, and noise. He served as principal investigator for many NASA and FAA environmental studies and tool-development efforts over the past 20 years, and served as the project lead on an ongoing study for the Environmentally Responsible Aviation project for NASA. Dr. Thompson holds a doctorate and masters in biophysics from the University of Rochester Medical School.

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