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The Department of Defense’s business practices and approaches were not traditionally designed to quickly field emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud computing, advanced data analytics; however, these technologies have shifted the world around us. 

As the federal government and defense agencies continue to integrate more emerging technologies, the public and private sectors must present a united front to transform legacy mindsets by widening skills gaps in a process-driven culture risk to enhance DoD’s agility and battlefield edge.

At Potomac Officers Club’s Future Virtual Battlefield Event, on July 22nd, featuring Maria Gervais, director, Synthetic Training Environment Cross-Functional Team, Army Futures Command, notable federal and industry leaders will discuss the priorities and challenges of modern warfare. 

“It’s a digital age. Virtual reality is not uncommon. Rapid change is the norm right now. VR and augmented reality technologies are of huge importance in the way we innovate moving on, because that’s what this generation is used to...Technology is catching up. We cannot slow down.” -- Dr. Alethea Duhon, technical director at the Air Force Agency for Modeling Simulation.





8:00am 8:05am Opening Comments
8:05am 8:10am Introduction of Keynote
8:10am 8:40am Keynote comments
8:40am 8:55am Q&A
8:55am 9:55am Panel
9:55am 10:00am Closing comments
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