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US Air Force Digital Logistics Program Achieves Maturity Milestone

FLITES program

US Air Force Digital Logistics Program Achieves Maturity Milestone

One Network Enterprises said that the U.S. Air Force’s digital logistics tool, powered by the company’s software, has achieved a maturity milestone.

USAF’s Foundational Logistics Information Technology Enterprise System received the “Run” Agile maturity assessment under the Air Force Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate’s Enterprise Logistics Readiness Portfolio, ONE said.

The company said that the assessment program has five levels of maturity: Infant, Crawl, Walk, Run and Fly. The maturity level is determined based on 12 Agile principles as well as improvements year-over-year. 

Enterprise Logistics Readiness Portfolio chief Herbert Hunter Jr. commended the FLITES team’s use of Agile principles and automation to continuously mature the platform. 

He added that the team demonstrated how Agile processes can allow large-scale software projects to “achieve milestones in small increments.” Hunter also highlighted the benefits of Agile tools for collaboration, traceability and transparency.

FLITES is a government-driven IT program designed to serve as an authoritative source of item management, federal cataloging, provisioning and logistics information, according to a BES document.

Data collected in the program will allow systems and users to uniquely identify and categorize assets owned or managed by the Air Force, BES said. 

ONE said that FLITES is expected to allow the Air Force to manage 10 times the logistics information it currently has from original equipment manufacturers and other sources.

ONE added it was tasked with providing the hosting and cybersecurity environments used by FLITES, in addition to providing training on the company’s products.

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