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DOE Announces Investments in Scientific Data Management, Visualization

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DOE Announces Investments in Scientific Data Management, Visualization

The Department of Energy has invested $26 million for research in scientific data management and visualization. DOE said that the funding is aimed at addressing the growing volume of scientific data generated by scientific experiments and supercomputers.

DOE earmarked $13 million of the funding to improve the management of data used for machine learning and other mathematical techniques. The investment will cover research in new smart storage and networking hardware, DOE said

The investment in data management is expected to facilitate advancements in fields like material science, chemistry, climate modeling, the reduction of energy consumption and the development of new clean energy sources.

DOE will put the other $13 million toward research in the development of informative and interactive data visualization technologies. 

According to DOE, the investment will have an impact on its mission areas, including astrophysics, Earth systems, advanced manufacturing and quantum systems

DOE explained that the deployment of human-centric and interoperable visualization tools will reduce reliance on custom systems that limit stakeholder participation.

Barbara Helland, DOE’s associate director of science for advanced scientific computing research, new data management and visualization techniques are required to make the most out of the scientific community’s wealth of data.

Universities, national laboratories, industry and nonprofit organizations may respond to DOE’s funding opportunity announcements.

The FOAs titled “Management and Storage of Scientific Data” and “Data Visualization for Scientific Discovery, Decision-Making and Communication” are sponsored by the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research.

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